Duty of Disclosure

Before you enter Into a contract of general Insurance with an Insurer, you have a duty, under the Insurance Contracts Act 1984, to disclose to the Insurer every matter that you know, or could reasonably be expected to know, Is relevant to the insurer's decision whether to accept the risk of the Insurance and, if so, on what terms.

You have the same duty to disclose those matters to the Insurer before you renew, extend, vary or reinstate a contract of general insurance.

Your duly however does not require disclosure of matter:

  • that diminishes the risk to be undertaken by the insurer;
  • that is of common knowledge;
  • that your insurer knows or, in the ordinary course of his business, ought to know;
  • as to which compliance with your duly is waived by the insurer.

For more details, you can also view the policy wording document.

Terms & Conditions

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