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The not so pretty side of being a beauty therapist

Thursday, February 02, 2017

The not so pretty side of being a beauty therapist

Being a beauty therapist carries significant risk due to the advice and services you provide, plus the potentially unrealistic expectations of your customers.

Sadly some beauty professionals such as makeup artists, spray tanners and eyelash applicators have had an unforeseen event damage their reputation and cause financial hardship.

Of course none of us want to do anything wrong, but we are only human so this is an unavoidable possibility. In some cases we are not aware that we did anything wrong but the customer may have a different view.


The inadequate sterilisation and cleaning of beauty equipment and makeup products can be a significant risk. Your beauty tools allow you to create your masterpieces but sometimes the equipment can carry nasty germs and infectious particles.

Let’s look at the application of eyelashes. If one of your client’s had an eye infection which was transmitted onto the tools. You may clean the tweezers but putting these back onto the bench where the germs were originally can result in recontamination.


Beauticians can also be at risk when recommending a treatment and advising clients. For example, applying a face wax to a client can result in allergic reactions and skin damage.

As beauticians deal with glues, spray tans and high strength creams – the reliability of these products and there reaction on different people can be problematic.



While brands are meant to take great care to ensure their products will not cause harm, this is not always possible. Unfortunately product faults and bad chemical mixes are often beyond your control.

Even natural ingredients can cause torture to client’s faces. French YouTuber Marie Lopezr left her 2 million subscribers “burning with rage” when the cinnamon in one of her DIY mask recipes was causing their faces to burn.


A customer slipping on a wet floor and injuring themselves or an appliance catching fire and damaging your neighbour’s property are some examples of what can go wrong.



If a claim is made against you for negligence, it is a difficult time in anyone’s business. If you are wishing to have a continuing relationship with that client (and others they may recommend) it can be even more difficult. It is important that you can separate the claim negotiation from any ongoing commercial relationship or negotiation. Having an insurer professionally and unemotionally take over the claim negotiation can be a blessing, allowing you to focus entirely on the ongoing commercial relationship.




Today with social media, an unhappy customer’s upset can spread further and faster than ever before. Beauty therapists are pressured to make sure the client is happy or else their brand reputation indeed their business can be put at risk.

Rest assured, you don’t need to throw out your beauty certificate due to the costly risks that you face. Fortunately being covered with a Public Liability and Professional Indemnity policy can protect you from these risks. InsuresME have a policy specifically for beauty therapists which you can purchase in minutes. Our application takes only 5 minutes and you can be instantly covered so you can focus on the beauty side of things.



If you are legally liable for a negligent act, error or omission, there is no $ cap on that liability. Your business assets, your personal wealth and your family assets are likely to be all at risk. Claims in excess of $1million are not uncommon. insuresME offers the abillity to purchase limits of up to $2,000,000

Presumably you insure your home/ contents, your vehicle, your medical expenses, perhaps you purchase travel insurance. It would be logical therefore to also insure perhaps the most financially crippling exposure you have, your exposure to PI and PL claims.







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